Magazine market stabilises

-emma™ data shows continued strong readership for weekly magazines-
-Consumers spend $789 million on magazines per annum-

The magazine market has stabilised in the last three months, showing readership growth of 0.3%, according to new data from emma™ (Enhanced Media Metrics Australia).

The growth is between the period of June to September 2013, as no year-on-year comparative data is available from the new emma survey.

In the three months to September 2013, Australians spent $82.3 million on magazines and 20.2 million copies were sold, according to the latest circulation data from the Audited Media Association of Australia.
In the 12 month period to June 2013, Australians spent $789 million on magazines with 150 million magazines sold.

The emma™ data found that four Australian magazines continue to attract 2 million+ readers each issue, including Australian Women’s Weekly (2.26 million), Better Homes & Gardens (2.33 million), Woman’s Day (2.075 million) and New Idea (2.032 million) collectively reaching a significant audience of Australian women.

In addition, the emma data showed strong readership in niche categories, such as the homemaker category which attracts 5.63 million readers and health which has 2.33 million readers as a category, as does the celebrity weekly category. The entertaining and food category has 4.05 million readers, and motoring has 2.57 million readers.

Magazine Publishers Australia (MPA) Executive Director Robin Parkes said: “The figures for both readership and circulation still show the power of magazines’ reach, especially among women and consumers are still showing an appetite for buying printed editions of magazines because they offer such a great reading experience.

“The continuing difficult retail conditions, however, are having an impact on both advertising expenditure and consumer discretionary spending, and the magazine sector is no exception.

“As an industry, we will continue to demonstrate to advertisers the true power of magazines, both in size of audience and depth of engagement across platforms with a new first-to-market innovative tool that allows agencies to demonstrate proof of performance soon to launch.”

Magazine market stabilises