Maximise Your Brand – How We Live

The ‘How We Live’ study we continue to unearth Australian women’s relationships with their sanctuaries…their homes. The study focuses on how The Australian Dream has been evolving and how Australians have changed how they are investing and living in their homes. 5 Macro trends have been defining this change in consumer behaviour and home designs.
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Moving Mindsets

‘Moving Mindsets' explores the interaction between the product category, the mindsets she moves between, and what influences and inspires at each point. By unlocking mindsets, and understanding the different effects her mindset has on purchasing choices and behaviour we can start to have more relevant, meaningful and targeted interactions.
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The Friendship Trigger Study

Understanding the retail journey of Australian women to influence the consumer on their path to purchase.
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Media Consumer Survey

Deloitte’s survey reveals attitudes and behaviours, reporting on how they have changed over the past three years and considers the future. Our overarching finding is that a number of the much anticipated digital tipping points have arrived.
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Food Magazines and Websites

Food Magazines and Websites: Australia’s love affair with cooking and food shows no signs of slowing, with BOTH print and digital food media consumption growing.
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10 Things to love about magazines

There are many reasons why brands love the highly-effective and engaging advertising medium that is magazines.
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Proof of Performance: Making the Case for Magazine Media

Proof of performance - making the case for magazine media
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